Secretary of State (SOS) Business Entity And Corporation Search

The Secretary of State in US is a senior government official who looks after a number of affairs. He or she looks after the foreign affairs of the state he belongs to. In other words, the Secretary of State is the representative of a state in the United States of America. The corporations in an individual state of US are registered under the Secretary of State of that state. The office of the Secretary of State is one of the cabinet members of a state.

You can find any information on any corporation or business entity by searching for the same in the respective SOS website.

Often the task of finding information on a corporate entity from the website of the Secretary of State of an US state is complicated and gruesome. Our website makes the process easy by giving you easy to follow guidelines on the same or you can say it presents in an well illustrated tutorial to get information on any corporations registered with any US state. Moreover, you can navigate the site to easily jump from one state to another. Your required details are just a click away.

The website is quite easy to use. Just click on the name of the state in which you want to know about any registered corporate entity. A step by step procedure catalyzed by links to the SOS website of the respective state would assist you well in your search.

Our website is not affiliated with any government institution. The use of this website is completely free of charge. It is to be noted that while most of the Secretary of State websites provide with free information where there are no charges involved, there are websites which will give you additional information on a corporation or business entity for a small fee.

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