California Secretary of State (SOS) Business Entity And Corporation Search

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California Business Corporation Registry Search

The California Secretary of State (SOS) database has all the information gathered in one place regarding all the business entities incorporated in the state. The search tool allows you to access information regarding domestic stock, domestic nonprofit and qualified foreign corporations. The database has also records of limited liability companies and limited partnerships.

To use the search tool you need to have one of the following information handy.

  • Corporation Name
  • Business Entity Name
  • Entity Number

Further to conduct the search you also have to specify the search criteria on which you want to base your search results. The search criteria may include:

  • Corporation Name
  • Limited Liability company or Limited Partnership Name
  • Entity Number

Steps To Search The California SOS Database for Business Entities

Though the SOS database guarantees information regarding each and every business entity incorporated in the state of California, accessing them would be quite a complicated task.

If you are looking for finding details of the incorporated businesses in California, you have chosen the right place.

Following are the steps for an effective search of the details of entities registered under the California Secretary of State. We have tried our best to make this gruesome process simplified.

  1. Click here to go to the search page. The page looks something like this.
    California Business Entity Search
  1. First of all toggle onto the radio buttons to select the criteria for your search. The screenshot below supports the statement.
  1. Fill in the field according to the search criteria chosen. If you chose corporation name or LLC or LP, you have to key in the entity name. For entity number, you have to type in the filing number for the company you want to search. The pages look similar yo the screenshot as given below:
    California Corporation Entity Search
  1. Now click on the Search button. The result page will subsequently follow.
    California Corporation Entity Search Details ListConsider a search based on the criteria Corporation Name. For a sample entity name Bloom Were Planted, the following results were obtained as shown below in the image.
    California Business Entity Search Result Page
  2. After Search Results:
    For every search option, you will get the following records for each entity:
  • Entity Number
  • Date Filed
  • Status
  • Entity Name
  • Agent for Service of Process

Information on SOS California (CA)

California State Seal

One of the highest governmental offices in the state of California, the California Secretary of State is responsible for carrying out a number of state duties of the highest authority. After Debra Browen completed his term of office in January 2015, Alex Padilla was sworn in as the next Secretary of State.

Functionalities :

The California Secretary of State is responsible for safeguarding the State Archives and is the person in charge for chartering corporations apart from the usual duties that the office serve.

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