Hawaii Secretary of State (SOS) Business Entity And Corporation Search

hawaii state mapHawaii Business Corporation Registry Search

At the Business Registration Division of the Secretary of State of Hawaii, a database is maintained wherein records of all commercial enterprises and business entities registered under the Hawaii SOS is maintained. The business registry stores information for the following type of entities:

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

Hawaii Business Entity Search

To access the information regarding entities/corporation registered in the state of Hawaii, you need to know the business entity name.

Further, to narrow down your search you can also make use of the radio buttons. You can choose Begins With or Contains from the drop down menu.

Assuming you have the business entity name handy, the below mentioned steps illustrate the procedure of searching for a registered business in the state of Hawaii.

  1. Click here to begin your search. The page looks like the screenshot below.
    Hawaii Business Entity Search
  1. Type in the business name in the required field. Let the drop down menu be selected on Begins with.For a sample, let us key in the name “Pacific Wings”.
    The screenshot further illustrates the procedure.
    Hawaii Corporation Entity Search
  1. Click on Search. The business names (here “Pacific Wings”) along with their Record type, file no. and status are displayed.
    Hawaii Business Entity Search list
  1. You can also narrow down the search in the results page by applying filters like status, record type and entity type.Here is the screenshot illustration of the same.
    Hawaii SOS Result Page For Pacific Wings
  1. You can get advanced details regarding a company by clicking on the business name.

You can also download the annual reports by scrolling down the page. Along with the business registry, the Business Action Center also assists one to open a business in Hawaii.

Information on SOS Hawaii (HI)
hawaii SOS sealThe Office :

The Secretary of the State of Hawaii is one of the topmost government officials of the state, who is concurrently the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii. The office is for a term of four years which can be renewed once. The current Secretary of State is Shan Tsutsui. The Secretary of State of Hawaii is elected upon the suffrage of the residents of the state.


The Hawaii Secretary of State acts as the Governor on his absence or when he is disabled from duty. He is the custodian of the Great Seal of the State and is also the keeper of public records and documents.

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