Indiana Secretary of State (SOS) Business Entity And Corporation Search

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Indiana Business Corporation Registry Search

The Business Service Division of the Indiana Secretary of State administers all business related responsibilities and duties to the public. The corporate registry of the Indiana SOS maintains the records and files of every business entity that has been registered with the same. It stores information of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships.

Indiana Business Entity Search

The Secretary of State of Indiana facilitates an online search tool for both desktop and mobile devices that can help you to find information regarding any business entity which is registered under the SOS.

To avail this tool, you need to have the Business name or the corporate name handy.

Searching the database for a registered entity can be a puzzling task. Here we have tried to make the process simple by our underlying guidelines.

  1. Go to the official site of the Indiana SOS. Click on more online services. On the page that follows, click on Business Search under the Mobile Service section and the search page will follow.
    Alternatively, you can directly go to the search page by clicking here. It looks similar to the screenshot below.
    Indiana Business Entity Search
  1. Fill in or type in the business entity name in the required field. For example let us type in Biomet in the Business name field. The screenshot below illustrates the process.
    Indiana Corporation Entity Search
  1. Click on the Submit button and the result page carrying information on Entity Name, Type and City will appear. Refer to the screenshot below.
    Indiana Business Entity Search Details
  1. You can click on the entity name to get further details like legal name, fictitious name, status, filing no and more.
    Indiana SOS Result Page For Biomet

*Apart from these, the search page has numerous search tips to help with your search.

*The Business Service Division of the Indiana SOS also provides online filing services to form new entities and filing entity report online.

Information on SOS Indiana (IN)

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Office :

The Indiana Secretary of State is one of the five constitutional offices of the Indiana state of US. The Secretary of State also serves as the chief election officer of the state.

The office is currently held by Connie Lawson who was appointed by Governor Mitch Daniels for a period of four years which is the regular tenure of the office. He replaced previous incumbent Charlie White.

Functionalities :

Being the third largest constitutional office in the state, the office has a major role to play in the state affairs. The Secretary of State of Indiana is the person in charge for the following four divisions:

  • Election
  • Security Services
  • Business Services
  • Dealer services

The other duties of the Secretary of State include administering regulatory policies to security companies, registering vehicles ad issuing license, overseeing the elections of the state and the keeper of the state archives.

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