How To Do A Mississippi UCC Search

Last Updated on January 8, 2022

What is a UCC?

A UCC, which is short for Uniform Commercial Code, is a filing by a lender to gain security in a debtor’s asset(s).

What information does a Mississippi UCC search show?

The UCC document will show the filing number, filing date, filing type, lapse date, record type, debtor, real property that is being secured, and secured party name and address.

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Why is a UCC needed?

A UCC serves as a way for lenders to claim collateral in case a business or individual isn’t able to pay for transactions secured with debt.

When UCCs are filed, they become a public record.

Where is a UCC filed in Mississippi?

Many UCC liens are filed online with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office.

However, with land and real estate transactions, the County Clerk serves as the Custodian of Public Land Records, and is where UCCs are filed.

How much does a UCC search cost in Mississippi?

A UCC Public Search is free in Mississippi, however, there is a $5 filing fee for a subscription search is $5

How to do a UCC search in Mississippi

Step 1 – Go to the Mississippi Secretary of State’s website

Step 2 – Go to Business Services and Regulation and click on Uniform Commercial Code

Step 3 – On the right side of the page click UCC Search

Step 4 – Choose whether you would like to conduct a Public Search or a Subscription Search and follow the directions provided.