How To Do A UCC Search In Arkansas

Last Updated on December 26, 2021

What is a UCC?

A Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing is a notice that a lender will file when a business owner takes a loan against an asset or an individual takes out a loan and secures it with collateral.

What information does a UCC search show?

A UCC search shows the debtor’s name, name of the secured party / creditor, file number, document type, and date of filing.

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Why is a UCC Financing Statement needed?

A UCC-1 Initial Financing Statement gives lenders a claim on assets a debtor pledges as security interest, such as when an individual obtains a mortgage for a home. The home is the collateral pledged for the property. With the UCC-1 filed, the homeowner can’t take out another loan on the home with a different bank or credit union.

Where is a UCC filed in Arkansas?

A UCC-1 Financing Statement is filed at the Arkansas Secretary of State Filing Office.

How much does a UCC search cost in Arkansas?

A UCC search in Arkansas can only be done by subscribers. A subscription costs $150 annually.

How to do a UCC search in Arkansas

Step 1 – To search UCC documents, go to the Arkansas Secretary of State website.

Step 2 – Click on Business Services and then click on UCC & Other Commercial Information in the drop down menu.

Step 3 – Scroll about halfway down the page and click on either UCC Online Search & Filing or (Subscribe to INA) if you need to create an account.

Step 4 – Follow the instructions on the page you are taken to.