How to Search UCC Filings in California

Last Updated on December 13, 2021

What is a UCC?

UCC stands for the Uniform Commercial Code. The Uniform Commercial Code is a standardized set of laws for transacting business. A UCC-1 financing statement is a security agreement created when a business receives any kind of mortgage, loan, or financing. The notice is a legal notice that lets outside institutions and creditors know that a company has a loan with certain assets attached to it. 

What information does a UCC search show?

A California UCC search shows the UCC type, debtor information with debtor name and debtor address, the file number, secured part information, the status of the filing (active or lapsed), the filing date, and the lapse date.

Why is a UCC needed?

The UCC was created to give businesses in different states a standard legal and contractual framework so that they are able to transact business across state lines. The UCC filing gives public notice that an entity, lender, or creditor such as a financial institution has a security interest in the collateral or real property being used by the debtor. 

Where is a UCC filed in California?

A UCC is filed at the Secretary of State’s office in California.

How much does a UCC search cost in California?

There is no fee to do a UCC search in California on the Secretary of State’s website. However, to access certain information or file documents, searchers must create a free account on the website. 

How to do a UCC search in California

Step 1

Go to the California Secretary of State’s Website to search the UCC database.

Step 2

Select “Business” at the top of the front page.

Step 3

About halfway down the page, you will find a box that says “Uniform Commercial Code.” Select “More about UCC.” You will be taken to a new page.

Step 4

Select “Free Searches & Copies” under Liens in the middle of the page.

Step 5

Type in the name of the company or file number you are searching for and hit enter.