How to Start an LLC in Arkansas

Last Updated on February 5, 2022

The steps for filing using the online application or by mail are mostly the same. Below, we have step-by-step instructions for forming an Arkansas L.L.C.

To get started, either download the Arkansas L.L.C. Articles of Organization Form LL-01 or visit the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Step 1: Select the Entity

First, scroll through the list and look for the Domestic Limited Liability Company section, click on “Articles of Organization for Domestic L.L.C. – LL-01,” and then click on “Choose Filing.”

How to Register an Arkansas LLC

Step 2: Start Form

Next, find the Domestic L.L.C. section and click on the “Start Form” button under “Articles of Organization for Domestic L.L.C. – LL-01.”

Arkansas Articles of Organization LLC - LL-01

Step 3: Filing Act

The default filing act is 1003 of 1993 and applies to most L.L.C.s. This act pertains to forming an Arkansas Limited Liability Company.

Arkansas LLC Select Filing Act 1003 of 1993

Step 4: Entity Information

Company Name – Enter the name you would like to use for the L.L.C.

There can’t be another L.L.C. with the same name as the one you want. A link to search similar names is available to ensure the name you want to use is available.

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Arkansas LLC Company Name Search

Additionally, when coming up with the Company Name, one of the primary naming guidelines is to use the following words or abbreviations at the end of the L.L.C.’s name:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Liability Co.
  • Ltd. Liability Company
  • Ltd. Liability Co.
  • Limited Company
  • Limited Co.
  • Ltd. Company
  • Ltd. Co.
  • L.L.C.
  • L.C.
  • LLC
  • LC

Managers Statement

L.L.C.s can either be Manager-Managed or Member-Managed.

  • Member-Managed L.L.C.s have an active involvement in the day-to-day operations of the business.
  • Manager-Managed L.L.C.s are hired by the members to run the L.L.C., similar to a C.E.O. of a corporation.

If a manager will manage the L.L.C., a statement needs to be included in this section.

Most L.L.C.s are member-managed and would leave this section blank.

Arkansas LLC Manager Managed vs Member

Step 5: Principal Information

Enter the principal place of business of the L.L.C. This has to be a physical address that can be a home address, office address, or the registered agent’s address. No Post Office boxes are allowed. This address will receive mailings from the Secretary of State.

Arkansas LLC Principal Place of Business

Step 6: Registered Agent Information

In Arkansas, a registered agent must be selected to act as the primary point of contact to be the agent for service of process on behalf of the LLC. Service of process refers to when legal correspondence such as tax documents, summons, subpoenas, and other important legal documents are sent, so the receiving party has sufficient time to respond. A registered agent can either be a full-time resident of Arkansas or a business entity with a physical presence in the state (no P.O. Boxes are allowed) or a registered agent service authorized to transact business in Arkansas that is available during normal business hours.

You can act as your own registered agent in Arkansas and you are not required to pay for a registered agent.

Be sure to either enter a Business Name if using a commercial registered agent company or first and last name if it is an individual, along with the registered office address, phone, and email.

File a Registered Agent for Arkansas LLC

Step 7: Select Officers

Add all of the officers in this section. If there are multiple officers, enter their information and click on Save Officer.

At least one member will enter their information, which may be the same person in the Principal Information and Registered Agent section.

One area that is a bit confusing is the title. Choices include:

  • Incorporator/Organizer – An L.L.C. Organizer is involved with the LLC formation of the Articles of Organization. The Organizer may or may not become a member, such as a mentor, attorney, or accountant.
  • Manager – If the L.L.C. is Manager-Managed and the Manager Statement was filled out, this person would be listed here.
  • Member – The members will be listed here. All of the initial members will also be saved as Incorporator/Organizers.
  • Managing Member – Will be used if the manager is also a member.

Click “Save Officer” for each person listed.

Arkansas LLC - List Officers

Step 8: Submitter Contact Information

This section is used should the Secretary of State have any questions during the application process and where the final documents should be sent.

Step 9: Annual Report Contact Information

Enter the name and address where the Annual Report should be sent.

Step 10: Sign the Agreement

Effective Date – By default, the L.L.C. is effective on the date submitted. If you prefer to have the L.L.C. officially start at a later date (up to 90 days), enter that date in the field. Otherwise, leave the field blank.

Signature – Click on the box saying this is not a false document, enter your signature in the Signature box, and hit Submit.

File your Arkansas LLC Free

Step 11: Review, Pay, and File

Do a final review of the information provided to ensure the registration documents are correct and make the payment.

If sending by mail send to:
Arkansas Secretary of State
500 Woodlane Street, Suite 256
Little Rock, AR 72201

If you have questions, contact the Business and Commercial Services Division of the Arkansas Secretary of State.

Phone: 501-682-3409
Email Address: