How to Start an LLC in Idaho

Last Updated on February 5, 2022

To get started, create a SOSBiz account with the Idaho Secretary of State.

Then select Start a Business

After that, select Certificate of Organization Limited Liability Company and then “File Online.”

Idaho LLC Certificate of Organization

Step 1: Name the LLC

If you previously reserved a name, you can select to proceed using that name in the LLC filing.  It isn’t required to have a name reserved before filing the LLC, as that option will be available on the next screen.  If a name has been reserved, select “Yes”; otherwise, select “No.”

If the name has not been reserved, enter the name you wish to use.  The LLC’s company name also has to differ from other entity names registered with the Secretary of State. 

Learn how to do an Idaho LLC name search before filing.

The name of the LLC must include one of the following words or abbreviations at the end of the business name:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • L.L.C.
  • LLC
  • L.C.

Enter the name you want to use and again to ensure it was entered correctly.

Step 2: Entity Address

In this section, enter the street address, city, and zip code of the initial principal office.  This address can be the physical address of the business, an address where business records are stored, or the address of a registered address.  A PO Box may not be used.

Step 3: Principal Office Mailing Address

If you want correspondence from the Secretary of State to be sent to a different address than the principal office, enter that address here.  A PO Box is acceptable.  If the address is the same as the principal office, select the copy button to fill in the fields automatically.

Step 4: Registered Agent

To have an LLC in the state of Idaho, a Registered Agent must be identified to receive service of process.  The Registered Agent is either a resident of Idaho (select Noncommercial or Individual under Agent Type) or a registered agent service (select Commercial under Agent Type and search for the company).  The agent must have a physical street address in the state to act as a point of contact to receive legal documents, tax notices, summons, subpoenas, etc. on behalf of the LLC.

Step 5: Governor Information

The Governor is either a member (owner) of a manager-managed or member-managed LLC.

  • Manager-Managed LLCs have managers hired by the members to run the LLC, similar to a CEO of a corporation.
  • Member-Managed LLCs have members (owners) that are active in the day-to-day operations of the business.

Most LLCs are member-managed.

At least one governor has to be listed.

Click on Add until all of the governors of the LLC are listed.

Step 6: Confirm

Confirm that all of the information is correct.

Step 7: Declare and Sign

The organizer agrees that the information being entered is public information and will appear online. The organizer’s signature is used to certify the information in the Certification of Organization as it is entered.

Have only one of the organizer’s sign.

Step 8: Pay and File

Pay and file the Certificate of Organization.

In approximately 1-2 weeks, the LLC will be approved.

If you have questions, contact the office of the Idaho Secretary of State:

Main Office
450 N. 4th Street
Boise, ID 83702

Phone – 208-334-2301
Email –