How to Start an LLC in Virginia

Last Updated on February 4, 2022

Costs to Form a Virginia LLC

To form a Limited Liability Company in Virginia, file the Articles of Organization with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.  The LLC filing fee is $100.

Approval for the LLC is typically less than two weeks when filing by mail and filing online through the eFile Express approval is immediate.

Steps to Form a Virginia LLC

Step 1: Create an Account with the State Corporation Commission

The steps for filing online or by mail are largely the same.  The screenshots show how to file online with the eFile Express system as the filing is instant.

Step 2: Select an Entity Name

Enter the name you want for the LLC.  The LLC’s name also has to differ from other entity names registered with the State Corporation Commission.  You can also run a Virginia LLC name search or contact the Clerk’s Office of the Virginia State Corporation Commission by calling 804-371-8733 or 866-722-2551, before going through the filing process to ensure the one you want is available.

The name of the LLC must also include a designator at the end of the business name and describes what type of business entity it is. Words and abbreviations that are available to use as designators include:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Company
  • L.L.C.
  • LLC
  • L.C.
  • LC

If there is a name you want, but are not ready to register the LLC, you can file the Reservation of a Business Entity Name (Form SCC631) with the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission. The name reservation will hold a name for up to 120 days, at a cost of $10.

If you plan to use a different name from the one that you register (perhaps you want to run multiple businesses under the LLC), you can use a fictitious name (sometimes referred to as a trade name, assumed name, DBA, or Doing Business As name).  To register a fictitious name, the Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name, along with a $10 filing fee will need to be sent to the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Enter the name along with the designator you would like to use and click on “Check Name”  If the name is distinguishable, a message will show up saying, “Proposed Entity Name is distinguishable.”  If the name you select is not distinguishable, the message will say, “Name is not distinguishable from another entity in the Commission records,” and a new name will need to be selected.

Register an LLC Name in Virginia

Step 3: Appoint a Registered Agent

A Registered Agent in Virginia must be identified before forming an LLC.  The Registered Agent can either be a resident of Virginia (Select “an individual who is a resident of Virginia” button) or a business or Registered Agent service (Select “a corporation or limited liability company that is authorized or registered to transact business in Virginia” button).  The address of the agent must be a physical street address since Post Office Boxes are not allowed, is available during normal business hours, and will act as a central point of contact for service of process, to receive legal documents, tax notices, summons, subpoenas, etc., on behalf of the LLC.

Virginia LLC Registered Agent

Step 4: Indicate the Principal Address

In this section, enter the street address, city, state, and zip code of the initial principal office.  This address can be the LLC’s physical address, or it can be the address where the business records are stored.  You may not use a PO Box for the designated office.

VA LLC Principal Office

Step 5: Signature

Have an individual forming the LLC to accept the terms and conditions and sign.  Click the “Document Preview” button to review the document.

Step 6: Review

Review that all the information is correct.  If there are no corrections, click “Pay and File.”

Step 7: Pay and File

Pay and file the Articles of Organization.

If filing online, the LLC will be approved immediately.

If sending by mail, send to:
State Corporation Commission Clerk’s Office
PO Box 1197
Richmond, VA 23218-1197