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Last Updated on January 30, 2024

Any business entity that has its incorporation in Minnesota and is registered under the Minnesota Secretary of State has its details outlined in the Business corporation registry of the same. The business registry is a convenient place where you can find every detail about the Minnesota headquartered corporate entities and make your search easier. It stores details of the following kinds of entities:

  • Corporation
  • Limited Company
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • Cooperative
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Nonprofit entity

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How to do a Minnesota Business Entity Search

If you are looking to find a corporate entity in the state of Minnesota, then you are at the right place because here we are going to give you a detailed outline of what you need to do to perform an effective search. Keep the business entity name or the filing number handy, and we will assist you with the rest.

Search by Business Name

Step 1. Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s website to begin a search.  The page that appears is similar to the screenshot given below.
How to do a Minnesota Entity Search

Step 2. You can continue your search using the business name or filing number as the search criteria. Let us continue using the Business Name.
Minnesota Search By Business Name

Step 3. Type the business name into the appropriate field. A screenshot of the same is given below. To conduct a sample search, let us enter the business name “Acorn Stores” in the field. Let us have a look at the screenshot below.
MN Business Entity Search

Step 4. Click on the search button, and the result page containing information on business type, business status, and name type will appear soon. The screenshot below shows the same.
Search Result

Step 5. Click on Details to arrive at a page that looks like the screenshot below containing advanced information about the business entity, such as:

  • Business Name
  • File Number (This is the filing number with the Secretary of State and not the Employer Identification Number with the IRS)
  • Filing Date
  • Renewal Date
  • Principal Office Address
  • Registered Agent
  • Status

From this page, you are also able to order a Certificate of Good Standing for a fee of $15.

Minnesota Corporation Search Details

Search by File Number

If you know the File Number, you can search by that number as well.  The process is the same as when searching by the business name.

Business Licenses

The business name registration is different from a Minnesota business license in Minnesota.  The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development has more information regarding Minnesota business licenses.

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Information On SOS Minnesota (MN)

minnesota sos seal

Secretary of State Contact Information

60 Empire Dr., Suite 100
Saint Paul, MN 55103


Office :
The Minnesota Secretary of State is one of the highest constitutional offices of the state. The current office holder is Stave Simon, and he is the keeper of the Great Seal of the State of Minnesota. The Secretary of State of Minnesota is also the Chief Election officer of the state.

Functionalities :

Being the chief election official in the state, the Minnesota Secretary of State is responsible for administering election laws in the state. He is the officer in charge of filing and certifying the authenticity of a number of public documents. He also serves as an executive member of the Minnesota Executive Council, Minnesota Board of Investment, and the Minnesota Historical Society executive board.

State Business Name Search Instructions


How much does it cost to do a business search in Minnesota?

There is no cost to search for businesses using the Minnesota business search database.