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Last Updated on January 29, 2022

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How to do a North Carolina Business Entity Search

The Corporations Division of the North Carolina Secretary of State keeps a business entity database containing information for every entity that is based in the state. The database is a repository of every minute detail that is related to an entity, starting from its filing to its present status. The Division records details of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships that are headquartered in the state.

Search by Business Name

If you are out to find details and relevant information on any business entity registered with the North Carolina Secretary of State, you came to the right place. To search the database of the North Carolina Secretary of State using their online search tool, you need to have the entity name or assumed name.

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Here, we have outlined the detailed guidelines to search the database for any entity that is registered with the state.

Step 1. Click Secretary of State’s website to go to the Search Page for finding entities based in North Carolina. The screenshot of the Search Page is shown below.

How to do a North Carolina Business Entity Search

Step 2. Select “Company” in the “Search By” field and the type in the entity name in the “Search For” field. To conduct a sample search, let’s key in “Bloom” as an example in the business name field (see the screenshot below for reference).

North Carolina Business Name Search

Step 3. Click on the name of the business you want more details on.  In this example, we will search for Bloom, L.L.C.

Information provides includes;

  • Legal Name
  • Secretary of State ID
  • Annual Report Status (Shows if the entity is in Good Standing)
  • Date Formed
  • Registered Agent
  • Registered Office Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Manager Information

Additionally, a Certificate of Good Standing/Existence can be purchased for a small fee.

North Carolina Business Search Results

Search by Registered Agent

A search for businesses that list the name of a registered agent can be done.  Because some registered agents file for so many companies, this list may be long.

Business Licenses

The business name registration is different from business licensing in North Carolina.  The North Carolina Department of Revenue has more information regarding North Carolina business licenses.

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Search by Company Official

A search can be done for LLC members and Corporation Board of Directors.  This search can be handy if you want to find all of the companies an individual has ties to.

Information on SOS North Carolina (NC)

North Carolina state seal

The Secretary of State of North Carolina is an elected constitutional official in the US state North Carolina. The office of the Secretary of State of North Carolina heads the Department of State of North Carolina. The term of office is four years.

The present office holder of the Secretary of State of North Carolina is Elaine F. Marshall who has been serving the office since 1997.

Unlike most Secretary of States in US, the North Carolina Secretary of State doesn’t oversee the state elections. The position of Secretary of State in North Carolina is only second to that of Governor of the state.

The North Carolina SOS oversees many of the economic and the business operations in the state. The office acts as the record keeper for the state.

Secretary of State Contact Information

2 South Salisbury St.
Raleigh, NC 27601-2903


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