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Last Updated on January 30, 2022

Oklahoma state mapHow to do an Oklahoma Business Entity Search

The Secretary of State of Oklahoma is the sole in charge of the filing and authorization of any business entity in the state. The office administers policies and rules regarding the setting up of a business or corporate entity in the state and also maintains a record of the same in its registry. In short, the business registry has well maintained records of every Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnership in it.

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Search by Business Name

The online business entity search tool provided by the Secretary of State of Oklahoma lets you search the database and gather information about any entity that is registered with the Oklahoma SOS. To search the database using the online search tool, you need to have the entity name handy.

We have outlined the detailed procedure for searching a corporation in the Oklahoma SOS database. Read on for a better understanding:

Step 1. Visit the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website to go to the search page for finding a corporate entity registered with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. The search page looks like the screenshot below.
How to do an Oklahoma Business Entity Search

Step 2. Type in the business entity name in the field provided. Let us type in “LSB industries” in the field. The screenshot illustrates the step better.
Oklahoma Business Name Search

Step 3. Click on Search button and the result page containing a list of entities with the name given would appear along with filing number, type and status as shown below.
Oklahoma Business Entity Search Details

Step 4. On clicking a filing number you can get access to detailed information about the entity belonging to it. The screenshot below shows the same.

Available information includes;

  • Entity Name
  • Filing Number
  • Name Type
  • Status (In Existence (Good Standing)
  • Entity Type (Corporation, Limited Liability Company, etc)
  • Formation Date
  • Registered Agent Information

Additionally on this page you are able to order documents like the Certificate of Good Standing, Annual Reports and more for a small fee.
Oklahoma Business Search Results

Step 5. You can also go for advanced search by clicking on the advanced search button in the search page. The page that follows has numerous search narrowing options as shown in the screenshot below.
Oklahoma Business Entity Search For Advance Search option

Search by Filing Number

If you have the filing number provided by the Secretary of State, you can enter that number to search for the business entity.

Search by Registered Agent

The SOS business entity database also allows the search by Registered Agent.  Some Registered Agents file for many businesses, so this list may be quite long.

Business Licenses

The business name registration is different from business licensing in Oklahoma.  The Oklahoma Department of Commerce has more information regarding Oklahoma business licenses.

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Information on SOS Oklahoma (OK)
Oklahoma sos sealThe Office :
The Secretary of State of Oklahoma is the member of the Cabinet of the Oklahoma Government and is also the chief clerical officer of the state. The Secretary of the State of Oklahoma is the only appointed constitutional office in the state and is the executive branch of the Oklahoma State Government.

The current Secretary of State of Oklahoma is Michael Rogers.

Functionalities :
Apart from the general duties that the Oklahoma Secretary of State serves like guarding the Seal of the State and administering public rules and taking care of the public affairs, his duties are broadly divided into the following divisions:

  • Executive Division
  • Legislative Division
  • Certification Division
  • Judicial Division

Secretary of State Contact Information

Colcord Center
421 NW 13th St,
Suite 210/220
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

(405) 522-2520

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