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Last Updated on January 30, 2024

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The Business Services Division of the Nebraska Secretary of State files and registers Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Companies, Limited Liability Partnership, Foreign Entities, and Nonprofit Corporations. The records of the filing and registrations are recorded in the business corporation registry and are available for public access on certain conditions. The registry also records information on trademarks and trade names administered by the Business Services Division of the Nebraska SOS.

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How to do a Nebraska Business Entity Search

If you are into finding registered businesses in the state of Nebraska, you have arrived at the right place. The online search tool provided by the Secretary of State of Nebraska allows you to find business entities that are registered with the same.

We hereby present you with a step-by-step process to assist you in your search.

You can search the database of the Nebraska SOS by using any of the following options:

  • Starting With
  • Keyword Search
  • Sounds like
  • Exact Match
  • Nebraska SOS Number

Unfortunately, there is not an option to do a business license search in the state.

Search by Business Name

Step 1. Begin by visiting the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website and going to the search page to find the registered entities in Nebraska.

Step 2. Choose from one of the different business name search criteria (Name Starts With, Name Keyword Search, Name Sounds Like, or Name Exact Match). Click on the radio button of your choice. There will be a drop-down menu from which you have to select the status of the entity. The screenshot below makes the process clear.

Enter the entity name you want to search for in the field. Let us type in “Hornady” in the name field and click Click on Perform Search.

Step 3. The result page with a list of entity names along with their account no, type, and status would appear.

Step 4. Click on the Details button to get further details about the entity you want more information about.  In this example, we will choose Hornady Farms LLC.

Step 5. The next screen gives full information about the entity, such as:

  • Business Name
  • Account Number
  • Status (Active, Inactive, etc)
  • Principal Office Address
  • Registered Agent Information
  • Nature of Business (optional field for entities to fill out)
  • Entity Type (Corporation, Limited Liability Company – also domestic or foreign entity)
  • Date filed

In addition, you can order documents such as the Articles of Organization, Proof of Newspaper Publication, Biennial Reports, Certificates of Good Standing, and more for a small fee.

Search by Account Number

If you know the account number the Secretary of State assigns to the business entity, enter that number, and the result will show up.

Business Licenses

The business name registration is different from business licensing in Nebraska.  The Nebraska Department of Revenue has more information regarding Nebraska business licenses.

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Information on SOS Nebraska (NE)

Secretary of State Contact Information

State Capitol
1445 K St., Suite 2300
Lincoln, NE 68508

(402) 471-2554

The Office:
The Secretary of State of Nebraska is a constitutionally appointed office in the state of Nebraska in the US. The office is one of the executive branches of the state government.

The current Secretary of State of Nebraska is Robert Evnen. The term of office is for four years, and the vacancies are appointed by the Governor himself.

Functionalities :
The Secretary of State of Nebraska acts as the chief advisor of the state on civic education for the youth. He is also the custodian of the Great Seal of Nebraska and is also responsible for certifying and authorizing public documents.   He is also the chief protocol officer in the state and is in charge of promoting commerce, cultural exchange and education between the state and foreign nations.

The divisions in charge of the Nebraska Secretary of State are as follows:

  • Business services division
  • Licensing
  • Records Maintenance Division
  • Election Division

State Business Name Search Instructions


How much does it cost to do a business search in Nebraska?

There is no cost to search for businesses using the Nebraska business search database.