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Last Updated on January 30, 2024

new mexico state mapThe Corporation registry of the New Mexico Secretary of State holds information of every business entity that has its incorporation in the state.  The types of corporations that have their details recorded in the New Mexico business corporation registry are as follows:

  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Company
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Partnerships

To find information on a sole proprietorship or general partnership, you will have to go to the county clerk’s office in the county where the business is located. There, you can search by the name of the business owner or business name.

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Search by Name

With the online search tool facilitated by the New Mexico Secretary of State, you can search the database for any registered entity or corporation if you have the following information with you:

  • Entity Name
  • Entity ID
  • Director
  • Registered Agent

Read on to understand the process for searching for a registered entity in New Mexico.

Step 1. Visit the Secretary of State’s website to begin your search.

How to do a New Mexico Business Entity Search

Step 2. Assuming you have decided to search the database using a business entity name, key in the entity name in the appropriate field. You can also search by entity ID, director, or registered agent. Type in “Gigablast” to conduct a sample search.  You are able to search in a variety of ways, such as Starts With, Exact Match, or Contains, and click search
New Mexico Business Name Search

Step 3. Now, specify the entity you would like to view more information.  In this example, we will look at Gigablast LLC.

New Mexico Business Entity Search Result List

Step 4. The detailed page provides quite a bit of information about the business, including:
New Mexico Business Search Results

Search by Business ID Number

If you have the Business ID Number that was assigned by the Secretary of State, you can enter that information and pull up the business information with it. This number is commonly confused with the Employer Identification Number (EIN) that is assigned by the IRS.

Business License

The business name registration is different from business licensing in New Mexico.  The New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department has more information regarding New Mexico business licenses.

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Information on SOS New Mexico (NM)

new mexico sos seal Office:
The Secretary of State of New Mexico is a constitutional office in the US state of New Mexico. The position is an elected one, and the New Mexico Secretary of State serves the office for a term of four years.

Since the year 1923, every Secretary of State of New Mexico has been a woman. The current Secretary of State of New Mexico is Maggie Toulouse Oliver.

The Secretary of State of New Mexico oversees many affairs of the state. The office guards the seal of the state and also the public records and the archives. The Secretary of State of New Mexico acts the regulatory body on certain areas of the state. The New Mexico SOS issues licenses for vehicles and attests state government documents. The SOS also creates protocols for a variety of actions in the state.  The various divisions which the Secretary of State deals with are as follows:

  • Bureau of Elections
  • The Ethics Administration
  • The Information Services Division
  • Attorney General
  • Operations Division

Secretary of State Contact Information

325 Don Gaspar – Suite 300
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

State Business Name Search Instructions


How much does it cost to do a business search in New Mexico?

There is no cost to search for businesses using the New Mexico business search database.