Washington Secretary of State Business Search Instructions

Last Updated on January 30, 2024

Washington state mapThe corporate and the business division of the Secretary of State of Washington is responsible for registering Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability Partnerships in the US state of Washington. As a result, the SOS developed the Corporations and Charities Filing System which is a database with the records of registered businesses based in Washington State.

How to do a Washington Business Entity Search

If you are looking to find information on business entities that are incorporated in Washington, you have arrived at the right place. The online search tool facilitated by the Secretary of State of Washington lets you search the database for any business entity you want. You need to have either the business name or the UBI number with you to continue the search.

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Here, we present a detailed guideline to assist you in your business search. Read on to understand better.

Search by Business Name

Step 1 – Visit the Washington State SOS website to search for registered business entities. The search page looks something like the screenshot below.
How to do a Washington Business Entity Search

Step 2 – Type in the Organization name or the UBI in their respective fields. Let us conduct a sample search using the organization’s name. Type in “Ampeg” in the organization name field. Have a look at the screenshot below.
Washington Business Name Search

Step 3 – Click on the Search button, and the result page will appear with a list of business entities given, as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 4 – Click on an entity name to get detailed information about the same. The screenshot is given below.

Available information includes;

  • UBI number (Different from the Employer Identification Number from the IRS)
  • Active or Inactive status (Good Standing results)
  • Date of Formation
  • Business owner name
  • Principal office address
  • Registered Agent information
  • Nature of the business
  • Governor information (board of directors, members of LLC, etc.)

Additionally, from this page, you can download filed documents such as the Annual Report, Articles of Incorporation (Corporation), Articles of Organization (Limited Liability Company), etc

Search by UBI

If you have the UBI (unified business identifier) which is a number assigned by the Secretary of State, you can search for that entity directly.

Business Licenses

The business name registration is different from business licensing in Washington.  The Washington Department of Revenue has more information regarding Washington business licenses.

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Information on SOS Washington (WA)

Washington sos seal Office :
One of the elected constitutional officers in Washington, the Secretary of State of Washington, is the second in line for succession to the post of Governor in the state. The duties of the post were created in Article III of the Constitution of Washington.

Functionalities :
The Secretary of State of Washington acts as the keeper of the Great Seal of the state. Through its regulation, the Secretary of State of Washington authenticates government documents like pardons, commissions, and others which require the signature of the Governor. The other duties include regulating the actions of the legislators and executive branches of the government of Washington. He also takes care of public records and archives.

Secretary of State Contact Information

State Business Name Search Instructions


How much does it cost to do a business search in Washington?

There is no cost to search for businesses using the Washington business search database.