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West Virginia state mapWest Virginia Business Corporation Registry Search

Any registered corporate or business entity in the state, like corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships or Limited Companies, each and every record regarding the same is included in the business registry of the West Virginia Secretary of State. The business and corporate division takes care of the same and details regarding filing and authorization and licenses can be found in the business registry itself.

West Virginia Business Entity Search

The online registered business entity tool in facilitated by the Secretary of State of West Virginia lets you find information regarding any entity that were or are headquartered in the US state. To perform the search you need to have the following credentials with you:

  • Business Organization Name
  • Agent or officer name

Follow the underwritten guidelines to get a clear idea about the search process:

  1. Click on this link to go to the search page for registered business entities in West Virginia. The search page will soon appear which looks similar to the screenshot below.
    West Virginia Business Entity Search
  2. You can conduct the search either by using business name or agent or officer name. Let us perform a sample search assuming you have the business entity name handy. Type in “Bloom” the business name field.
    West Virginia Corporation Entity Search
  3. Click on Search button to get into a page that looks similar to the screenshot below.
    West Virginia Business Entity Search Details List
  4. You can also go for advanced searches. Just click on the Advanced Search Options button and a new page will appear who looks like the below screenshot.
  5. Choose from any of the advanced search options like street, charter type, organization type etc to you search.
  6. Click on any entity name to get into further details organization type, charter class, filing date etc.
    West Virginia SOS Result

Information on SOS West Virginia (WV)
West Virginia sos sealOffice :

The Secretary of State of West Virginia is an elected government office in the US state of West Virginia. In terms of fiscal, physical and the number of staff, the office is quite small and yet plays a major role in the public affairs of the state.

The current Secretary of State of West Virginia Natalie Tennant who took office in March 2009.

Functionalities :

The duties of the West Virginia Secretary of State are broadly divided. Among the major functions, the election and voter registration duties take the topmost position. Other duties include those in the business and licensing division, notaries, public archives and sports department of the state.

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